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Signature Cupcake Inspired by my Love for My Mother Shirley W Fields Who was Regal as well as  Beautiful  May she Rests In Peace she will forever be in my Heart ..... I miss her every day...

Maria’s Pink Box! Signature Cupcake “The Lady Shirley Cupcake” Vanilla flavored with Pink sprinkles in the batter, topped with Pink Marshmallows flavored frosting and edible Gold Pearls and sprinkles Available in 2 Cupcake Size Options 


Minimum Order: Per Flavor

Regular- Standard size (2 inches) 6 cupcakes $30.00  - Cupcakes do not ship - This Cupcake is only available in 1 size option

Available in 2 Cupcake Size Options Available   Regular Standard (2 inch)6 Cupcakes $30.00, Jumbo ( 3 inches) 4 Cupcakes - 


You have the option to Add  “The Lady Shirley Cake  Pink Marshmallow Flavored Frosting 8 inch Vanilla Flavor  Pink Confetti sprinkles in  Batter and topped with regal gold Sprinkles $70.00 - Add to note section


The Lady Shirley Cake & Cupcake" -Select Quick view for pricing

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