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Signature Cupcake Inspired by my Love for My Mother Shirley W Fields Who was Regal as well as  Beautiful  May she Rests In Peace she will forever be in my Heart ..... I miss her every day...

Maria’s Pink Box! Signature Cupcake “The Lady Shirley Cupcake” Vanilla flavored with Pink sprinkles in the batter, topped with Pink Marshmallows flavored frosting & Edible Gold Pearls & Sprinkles Available in 4 Cupcake Size Options 


Minimum Order: Per Flavor

Regular- Standard size (2 inches) 6 cupcakes $30.00  - Cupcakes do not ship - This Cupcake is only available in 1 size option

Available in 4 Cupcake Size Options Available   Regular Standard 2 inch, Jumbo 4 inch- X-Large 5  inch and Ultimate - Monster Size 6 1/2 Inches - Local Pick up Available... 


You have the option to Add  “The Lady Shirley Cake  Pink Marsmellow Flavored Frosting 8 inch Vanilla Flavor  Pink Confetti sprinkles in  Batter and topped with regal gold Sprinkles $60.00 - Add to note section


The Lady Shirley Cake & Cupcake" -Select Quick view for pricing